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About Us

At 702 Auctions, we make sustainable shopping a thrilling pursuit! Nestled in the heart of Las Vegas and backed by over four decades of community trust, we redefine retail with our vast array of Amazon returns and liquidation deals. Each product we offer is a step towards smarter, eco-friendly shopping, bringing you unmatched value and variety.

Our Edge in ReCommerce

ReCommerce isn't just growing; it's revolutionizing retail. Valued at over $200 billion with predictions to more than double by 2026, this booming industry blends our passion for sustainability with our knack for savvy business. Dive into an ocean of possibilities with deals that promise not only great savings but also a lesser environmental footprint.

Why Choose 702 Auctions?

It's not only our incredible deals that set us apart—it's our dedication to you. At 702 Auctions, every interaction is designed around your satisfaction, from seamless bidding processes to top-tier customer service. Our platform reflects our core values of integrity and service, ensuring you always get the best experience.

Our Promise: Quality and Care

We're committed to more than just business. Every auction is a chance to offer you great savings and help the planet. By choosing 702 Auctions, you contribute to reducing waste and carbon emissions, making a purchase that supports both your wallet and the world.

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Ready to start saving smartly? Join the 702 Auctions family today and be a part of a shopping revolution. Every bid not only gets you great deals but also joins a movement towards sustainable and responsible consumerism. Welcome to smarter shopping. Welcome to 702 Auctions.